We know that Otitis externa is a common challenge in practice, with ear infections among the most frequent reasons for dogs to present in the clinic2. Cases can be challenging and sometimes frustrating.

Choosing a gel treatment that acts where it’s needed supports a successful outcome for otitis externa* cases.


Patented gel formulation

Osurnia has been uniquely designed so it is less likely to be dislodged from the ear.  It’s easily administered, adaptable gel formulation squeezes out of the tube and applies like a liquid, spreading through the ear canal. It then forms as a gel, coating the ear lining prolonging contact of the active ingredients at the site of infection1,  helping to reduce treatment frequency and minimise treatment uncertainty.

Skånsom applikation til hunde med smertefuld otitis.

Osurnia findes i enkeltdosis tuber, med en blød og bøjelig studs som forenkler administrationen.



Osurnia brings the owner back to your clinic

Successful management of otitis externa can often involve long term, or even lifelong, treatment which requires a high level of owner commitment and a good relationship between you and the owner.

When it comes to otitis externa* treatment, Osurnia gives an extra dose of reassurance.

Osurnia’s treatment regime allows you to take control and improve compliance. It’s second application not only provides you with an extra opportunity to recheck the dog mid-treatment to ensure it’s responding as planned, it also brings the pet owner back to the clinic which helps build trust and strengthen relationships.

Support Material

Dechra has a range of products to support you in the treatment and long-term management of otitis. Within our range we are able to offer you a suitable treatment for the pet taking into consideration your clinical preference and the owners lifestyle.  


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  1. T. Nuttall and S. Forster, Terbinafine and florfenicol concentrations in the canine ear exceed minimum inhibitory concentrations for commonotic pathogens after treatments with Osurnia® (Elanco Animal Health), British Veterinary Dermatology Study Group, April 2015
  2. O’Neill et al (2014) Prevalence of disorders recorded in dogs attending primary-care veterinary practices in England. PLoS ONE 9(3) e90501

* For the treatment of acute otitis externa and acute exacerbation of recurrent otitis externa associated with Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and Malassezia pachydermatis in dogs.